The Top 3 Things Employees Need to Succeed During Challenging Times

You may have seen some of the video conference bloopers floating around the internet—a lawyer who was unable to turn off his “cat” setting, a woman who used the restroom not realizing she was still on video, and too many videos to count of kids hilariously sabotaging their parents’ meetings. All are perfect examples of…

Level Up Your Communication Skills, Level Up Your Life

Do you wake up in the morning and think about what actions you need to take for yourself and the people in your life? Chances are, yes. And this is most of us. We think, what do I need to do today? We get dressed, we go to work, and we do all the things…

Why We Need Face-to-Face Communication

“That meeting could’ve easily been an email.” You’ve probably heard this comment before, and you may have said it yourself a time or two. We live in a time when technology provides us with alternative ways of communicating, so anything that seems unnecessarily time consuming has us rolling our eyes. When we have options such…

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What would it take for you to Change your Mind?

Imagine answering this question on any given issue. This is where positive change and engagement begins.   Whenever disagreement arises, perhaps in a meeting or coffee-room discussion, many are inclined to head for the exit. When someone disagrees with us, it can be hard to stay open to what they are saying. People often feel…

Workplace Mistreatment

What it is , What It Costs, And How to Prevent It Mistreatment can be as overt as an assault, or as subtle as an act of incivility, such as an intimidating glare from a coworker. Any form of discrimination or cruel behavior that infringes upon the well-being of one or more individuals within an…

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