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Guest Expectations are Constantly Changing

Delight guests and deliver excellent customer service with engaged and motivated staff
Reduce Ramp Time
  • Train new hires faster and more effectively
  • Deliver personalized learning for faster skill development
  • Increase learning retention with continuous microlearning
Virtual Coaching Maximizes Improvement
  • Make more effective use of company resources; coaching costs less than formal training
  • Expert advice quickly identifies areas of mastery and areas for improvement
  • Employees feel supported and encouraged by their managers and the company
Avoid High Consequence Situations
  • Ensure employees can interact with guests in a friendly, authentic way. Treat each guest as a person.
  • Effectively train staff to demonstrate awareness of the situation and acknowledge guest’s needs
  • Empower staff to solve problems before they hit social media
Boost Morale
  • Instantly increase engagement with enjoyable learning experiences
  • Invest in continuous training and boost motivation
  • Create community with peer learning
In today’s competitive restaurant marketplace successful brands need to do more than offer good food at a reasonable price.
Deloitte 2018 Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook


60% of guests said a positive experience will cause them to dine at the restaurant more frequently.

Abrams and Geboloff, New York Times

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Platform Features

Video Roleplay
Leader board and
Mobile UI
  • Microlearning
  • Just-in-Time Training
  • Interactive Video Role Play
  • SSO (Single Sign On)
  • Virtual Coaching
  • Assess & Certify
  • Social Video Platform
  • SaaS
  • Skill Development
  • Run Reports & Track Progress
  • Global Languages
  • Secure

Some of the organizations using the platform for training:

Fluency Group Proven Record of Success

  • 340,000people have taken our tests

  • The U.S. Government incorporated FluencyTest in the hiring of120,000new employees

  • 25Government agencies use Fluency Group Proficiency Scales

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